Franchisor Appreciation Day

September 15

What is Franchisor Appreciation Day?

Owning and operating a business is no small feat and it can be quite daunting when a business owner is trying to do everything on their own. Franchising is an amazing option for the entrepreneur that wants to own their own business, but not be completely on their own. When a franchise owner feels supported by their franchisor, it can make all the difference in the world.


of businesses in the US are Franchises


estimated number of franchised small businesses in the US in 2021


of Franchises are “local” or “regional”

Franchisors understand that the process of getting a business off the ground can be overwhelming. With the necessary tools, franchisors can help the locations take their business to the next level. As such, the independent franchise owners are allowed the rights to use proven branding elements and standards, infrastructure, and support systems, and they are able to rely on the established reputation of the brand overall. Franchisors may offer a variety of support including real estate/construction planning, essential marketing, ongoing training and professional guidance because they want to see each business owner succeed and excel.

When is Franchisor Appreciation Day?

Franchisor Appreciation Day is observed each year on the September 15. Show your appreciation for your Franchisor's commitment and all they do to help you take your business further!

Ways to Celebrate Franchisor Appreciation Day:

  • Send lunch or a sweet treat to your home office support team
  • Post your favorite photo with you and the home office support team on LinkedIn or Instagram. Don't forget to tag the company and the people in the photo!
  • Post an appreciation message on your company's social channels; use the hashtag #FranchisorAppreciationDay
  • Send a card to your home office support team and thank them
  • Give your favorite support staff member a call and thank them for their efforts

We've including some useful social media graphics and suggestions for captions below to get you started. Happy #FranchisorAppreciationDay!

Download these graphics and post to social media:


On #FranchisorAppreciationDay we take time to thank our franchisor for all they do to help us succeed. With your support and guidance we thrive.


Today, we celebrate and thank the hardworking franchisor team who make growing our business possible. Whether through training, support, or other resources, franchisors provide the foundation that helps us succeed. Happy #FranchisorAppreciationDay


On #FranchisorAppreciationDay, we're happy to show our appreciation for the dedication our franchisor team has to each of their franchise owners. Thank you!


Franchisors provide the framework and support that helps us run our businesses. They're always there to assist us. Today, we say thanks for making our businesses more successful. Happy #FranchisorAppreciationDay!